As a very active and outgoing person I find myself with many hobbies and things I like to do. I am always picking up new things to do with my friends as we expand what we're good at or trying to be good at!


  1. Playing Pool
  2. I started seriously playing pool with my friends a few years ago and we've played a lot since. i have gotten to be pretty good with the sticks when it comes to shooting.

  3. Guitar
  4. I have been playing guitar for nearly 13 years now. My Dad is a very good guitar player and my brother is also very good. I used to play shows but I stopped for school, but I gather with my friends and jam all the time.

  5. Skiing
  6. This is a new hobby I just picked up with my friends. We went to Gatlinburg to ski not too long ago and I had a blast so me and a few of my friends have already scheduled the next trip for us to go.