Sports have played a large role in my life. I played multiple sports growing up and it was a way for me to stay healthy as well as interact with other kids and have fun. My father, brothers and I all playde sports and it is a great way for us to bond.

Favorite Sports

  1. Football
  2. Football is by far my favorite sport and the sport I have played the most. I want to coach football one day.

  3. Baseball
  4. Baseball is the sport I played almost as much as football. I watch a lot of the Braves' games and it is my second favorite sport. My dad is a big baseball fan.

  5. Wrestling
  6. I grew up wrestling my whole life. Something about the sport gives me adrenaline and I love it.

  7. Basketball
  8. I never played basketball except for on the street with my friends. I root for the Atlanta Hawks even though they suck.

Favorite Sports Team

Georgia Football

The University of Georgia's football team is my favorite sports team of all time!